Trip to Central Europe 2014 - Austria

Oct 9, 2014

My favourite city on this trip was Vienna. I just loved the weather, the layout of the city, the relax atmosphere, and the nice people we met. 

You do need to buy a vignette when driving on some highways in Vienna. Look for the sign "vignette" at any gas station along the highway, get it and stick it on your windshield. 

At the door of our service apartment.

We arrived Vienna on a Sunday evening, and we rented a service apartment instead of a hotel, so we ended up in a residential area with no one on the street and all stores were closed. We were a little nervous at first, but the next day when we walked outside, it was actually a very nice neighborhood. Everyone just stays home on Sunday.

The apartment we stayed was about 10 minutes away from downtown Vienna and it was quite easy to find parking, so we drove everyday.

This is a bakery we randomly walked in and fell in love with! Their bread and pastries are baked fresh daily, people there are super nice and I could feel the love in their food.

We rode on Tram 1, which goes along the Ringstrasse, that took us around the city passing by most of the neat architectural buildings.

Took these shots on the tram, that's why you see all the wires on the top :D

Riding a bike in downtown Vienna.

We also rented a bike and bike around the city. It is very safe to bike in Vienna, all the signs and bike lanes are very clear, car drivers respect bikers and everyone follows the rules. You don't need a helmet to ride a bike there. Of course, you can still wear one if you bring one with you.

It is very easy to rent a bike, there are many CityBike Rental Stations throughout the city. You just use your credit card, register an account, and viola! You're on a bike! And the price is very reasonable, set up cost is 1 euro, 1st hour is free, 2nd hour is 1 euro, 3rd hour is 2 euro...details can be found here.

This is one of the best gelato I've ever had! It is so creamy and it's organic. They have interesting flavours like pumpkin seed oil and poppy seeds.

It's just gorgeous in the Opera House!

I guess you have to visit the Opera House when you are in Vienna, the World's Music Capital. Of course we wouldn't miss it. So we bought tickets to the performance of the day. We did not know who was performing, we just wanted to go in and have the experience. 

The Opera House has 5 levels and out seats were on the 4th level. We can't quite see the performers, but it was a really nice experience to be there for a show.

There are statues of different musicians, of course Mozart is one of them.

We only stayed for half of the show. At intermission, we walked around and took pictures. Afterwards, we crossed the street from the Opera House to the best hot dog stand in town, Bitzinger. They serve cut-up sausages on a paper plate with a piece of rye bread on the side. If you want hot dog, they take a baguette, put a whole in the middle, pump ketchup in it and stuck a sausage in it.

I ordered a spicy sausage, they cut up the sausage, poured ketchup on it and sprinkled with curry powder! Very interesting and tasty.

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