Trip to Central Europe 2014 - Czech Republic

Oct 6, 2014

Driving from Colmburg, Germany, to Prague, Czech Republic, took about 4 hours. It was actually quite a smooth drive. We were getting our passports ready, but there's actually no custom at all the borders we'd crossed. We didn't know we entered Czech Republic until we saw signs with different language :)

Some highways in Czech Republic require a vignette, which you can purchase at the border. You will see signs with "Vignetten" on it and you can also exchange currency right there, quite handy.

There are officer there to help you get the vignette on your car too.

We drove straight to downtown Prague as there's where we stayed: Hotel Josef. It is a very modern, boutique hotel. I loved it! 

You can't quite tell it is a hotel from outside, on my right, that is Hotel Josef. They even have a Nespresso Machine in our room! I made like 3 cups of espresso that day!

You really do not need a car in downtown Prague, everything is very close to each other, and it's quite impossible to find parking, so we just parked our car in the garage for the day.

We only stayed in Prague for a little more than 24 hours, I would have loved to stay 1-2 days longer. Oh well, we will have to go back some time. We did not really do much, just walked around downtown and admired the spectacular scenes.  

You'd never get tired of this street view.

Just too busy trying to take pictures, but you really could not capture the whole view, you've got to be there to really experience it.

We fell in love with these old tram, so we just randomly took one, got to the last stop and rode back :)

Waiting at the stop. At the last stop, the tram went into a little forest/park to turn around.

At night, Prague is even more beautiful.

(Left) This is one of the opera theaters, we did not go inside. It looks really grand, the picture really did not do its justice. (Right) This is the square where the astronomical clock is.

Found this light, large round spa wafer in chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut flavours.

It is quite tasty.

The fruit tart and almond meringue cake was really delicious, not too sweet with nice texture. Also saw these round hollow roll pastry with cinnamon sugar on top or custard inside, but it's not my cup of tea :D

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